What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas


I don’t want to betray too many Vegas secrets about what our group got up to on Friday night but I can tell you that Saturday night was a quiet one. 

We arrived quite late in the afternoon after a short drive from the Grand Canyon, stopping on Route 66 along the way. It’s ridiculous that Route 66 is still so popular and yet it has been decommissioned as a highway so you actually need to detour from the highway to see it. 

We drove down the strip in Vegas as we arrived and while it is impressive, it almost doesn’t seem real. 

Friday night we had a party limo booked so naturally I bought 800ml of mini margaritas for 12 dollars at Safeway then got in the damn limo. 

We drove around for around 2 hours, stopping at the Vegas sign and finally at the Bellagio. Somehow we found our way into a rooftop club there and for the purposes of this blog, I did a little dancing, got in a taxi and came home. 

But actually that’s what happened. Pretty much. 

The Bellagio is known for it’s water feature display.

Saturday we spent on the strip hopping between the crazy hotels. 

For anyone with kids, New York is the definite pick of the hotel bunch. For me, New York was definitely the pick of the hotel bunch.  I went on the roller coaster and played in the chocolate shop for a bit. 

Ready to be an adult again by Saturday night, dinner was at the very nice Italian restaurant with nice Californian red wine in the golden nugget hotel where we were staying, followed by a gambling jaunt down Freemont street where I won $3.35. Which I cashed. 

My overall thoughts on Vegas? Well…I won’t be rushing back. Partially because I can’t afford it, but also because when it followed monument valley and the Grand Canyon, it all seemed a bit fake. 


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