Microadventure: NSW North Coast 

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The Pass, ripe for 7am wave pickings.

Byron Bay highlights:
Drinks at the railway pub on a Friday where I can chat with all my friends up here and make a few new ones.

Surfs at classic breaks like Shipwrecks, the Pass and Cosy Corner.

Food on the laneway and from the Thursday morning farmers market.

Coffee coming out of your ears on every street corner.

Good vibes all day and night every single day.

Surfing, eating, drinking, sleeping, repeating.

I get the same feeling driving into Byron Bay as I do when I drive into my own driveway.

I love all the other coastal towns along the way mind you- there’s just something about this place. And the lighthouse. And the streets at midnight. 

Even though every surf break has about a thousand people fighting for a wave, I still like them the best. A good surf at the Pass is like 10 good surfs on the South Coast. 

Don’t need to go home- I’m already here.



2 thoughts on “Microadventure: NSW North Coast 

  1. Got time to pitch in with a few Shoalhaven Council yarns? Maybe a comment from Ann Sudmalis on the second bridge … ?? btw – thanks for your kind comments re Udemy tutorial – just discovered them.

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