Microadventure: NSW North Coast 

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The Pass, ripe for 7am wave pickings.

Byron Bay highlights:
Drinks at the railway pub on a Friday where I can chat with all my friends up here and make a few new ones.

Surfs at classic breaks like Shipwrecks, the Pass and Cosy Corner.

Food on the laneway and from the Thursday morning farmers market.

Coffee coming out of your ears on every street corner.

Good vibes all day and night every single day.

Surfing, eating, drinking, sleeping, repeating.

I get the same feeling driving into Byron Bay as I do when I drive into my own driveway.

I love all the other coastal towns along the way mind you- there’s just something about this place. And the lighthouse. And the streets at midnight. 

Even though every surf break has about a thousand people fighting for a wave, I still like them the best. A good surf at the Pass is like 10 good surfs on the South Coast. 

Don’t need to go home- I’m already here.



Road Trip to Walwa

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I hear you asking… “Where the hell is Walwa?” Well don’t worry. That was my exact reaction when I first met my friend Rob and he was telling me where he grew up. That was back in around 2012. A couple of years on, I still consider this kid a good enough friend to road trip 7 hours down the road for his 21st (Actually 22nd- but he just pretended he was 21 in order to throw a killer party), and he still considers me a good enough friend to extend an invite.

I decided to make a weekend of it, as it is rather a long drive. So on Friday afternoon, after I finished work, I jumped in the car and drove down as far as Wagga. That drive basically consists of strait road and unvarying views for about 500km.  Just in time for dinner, I pulled into my friend Sarah’s place where I stayed overnight.

On Saturday morning, feeling a lot less tired, Sarah gave me the grand tour of Wagga. It was cool to check out, as a lot of my university friends came from here, and it was nice to visualise all the things they used to talk about, especially the Wagga beach.

The infamous Wagga "Beach"

The infamous Wagga “Beach”

It doesn’t look like much but the banks of the Murrumbidgee River are actually quite picturesque. I can only imagine all the kids growing up here, and the antics they must have got up to. While it definitely has sand, the beach does lack a couple of key beach features, such as waves, seagulls and somewhere to buy hot chips.

Saturday afternoon, we met up with a couple of other friends and hit the road again, down to Walwa, which is just on the border between NSW and VIC. We drove past a lot of farms and my friends were explaining to me the impact the drought a couple of years ago had on the land here, and the floods that then followed. It really seems almost like a different world. That sounds silly, but I suppose at home, we never saw the full effects of any of that, as we are on the coast, in a very temperate climate. We get plenty of rain through both winter and summer. Farming needs such a precise weather pattern. It seems such a risky business!

We drove into Rob’s place and it was absolutely stunning.

Just your average driveway, where you actually can't see the other end of it.

Just your average driveway, where you actually can’t see the other end of it.

The party itself was a lot of fun. I got to catch up with a lot of friends from all around the state, and we partied well into the night. It was so great to hear about all the things that have happened over summer. I got a bit of a shock when I walked into the cool room to grab a beer, and found a dead, half butchered cow hanging up over the top of all the drinks. As it turns out, a couple of days prior, Rob had been rounding up cattle and a pregnant heifer had run into the gate after he had shut it. She had died so they thought, “oh well, we’ll just eat her”! Crazy farm people. I guess there is nothing else you really can do!

I only retired to bed when it got too cold to stay out any longer. It was about 5 degrees, and this is supposed to be a summer night! We camped in a little shed, and rolled out of bed on Sunday to a glorious day.


Woke up to this…

After some much needed bacon and egg sandwiches, and a strong coffee, we set off back to Wagga, I had a quick lunch stop, then shot back up the Hume to be home in time for dinner.

There’s definitely no place I would rather have been this weekend.

Vroom Vroom Vroom

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Well, apologies for being MIA over the last month. I wish I could say I was doing something exciting but actually I was busy finishing off my law degree.

Of course, exam time means loads of procrastinating, which for me, means loads of holiday planning.

One of the things that has come to my attention is the vroomvroomvroom.com.au website. Essentially you drive a caravan/camper van from one location to another for a very cheap price. You can drive from Broome to Darwin for example, for $1 a day, with $500 free fuel! If you are wanting to do something a little cross country and you are willing to camper van it, this seems like the perfect option.

Personally, this is a trip I would actually really like to do. Going through the Kimberly is wild. Kakadu National Park is some of the most spectacular scenery in the world in my opinion… of course I have never actually seen it for myself. The roads are reportedly quite good, though wet season makes travelling more difficult so the best time to go is between May and October. Thousands of miles of open roads, red sands, crocodiles snapping at your heels… well perhaps that isn’t quite accurate, but they could be if you were swimming in rivers.

Gibb River road in particular is one of the more difficult bits of driving you might encounter. It is the only route through the middle of the Kimberly. Cascades and thermal pools dot this stretch of road which makes no sense as it is in the middle of Australia. It’s closed in the wet season. It is also probably too rough for a camper van so this would be a 4WD job.

Thousands of miles of deserted country. A land of boundless plains indeed.