What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas


I don’t want to betray too many Vegas secrets about what our group got up to on Friday night but I can tell you that Saturday night was a quiet one. 

We arrived quite late in the afternoon after a short drive from the Grand Canyon, stopping on Route 66 along the way. It’s ridiculous that Route 66 is still so popular and yet it has been decommissioned as a highway so you actually need to detour from the highway to see it. 

We drove down the strip in Vegas as we arrived and while it is impressive, it almost doesn’t seem real. 

Friday night we had a party limo booked so naturally I bought 800ml of mini margaritas for 12 dollars at Safeway then got in the damn limo. 

We drove around for around 2 hours, stopping at the Vegas sign and finally at the Bellagio. Somehow we found our way into a rooftop club there and for the purposes of this blog, I did a little dancing, got in a taxi and came home. 

But actually that’s what happened. Pretty much. 

The Bellagio is known for it’s water feature display.

Saturday we spent on the strip hopping between the crazy hotels. 

For anyone with kids, New York is the definite pick of the hotel bunch. For me, New York was definitely the pick of the hotel bunch.  I went on the roller coaster and played in the chocolate shop for a bit. 

Ready to be an adult again by Saturday night, dinner was at the very nice Italian restaurant with nice Californian red wine in the golden nugget hotel where we were staying, followed by a gambling jaunt down Freemont street where I won $3.35. Which I cashed. 

My overall thoughts on Vegas? Well…I won’t be rushing back. Partially because I can’t afford it, but also because when it followed monument valley and the Grand Canyon, it all seemed a bit fake. 


Girls who stare at goats

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I spent a good portion of Thursday morning making friends with goats at the children’s zoo in Central Park. 

A visit to the Central Park zoo is a must in New York. Just for the juxtaposition. In the middle of this concerted jungle are a few bears, red pandas and a tropical rainforest oasis. 

Also, there are goats you can feed. Which I did because they were adorable! 

NIBBLE: feeding my new little friend at the Central Park (children’s) Zoo.

It did occur to me  that children growing up in New York may only ever get to see animals like this, up close in the zoo. There was a cow there and it had no grass to graze on, only a gravel pen. It sort of just stood there looking sad and I wish I could have told those kids that cows are normally happy and fat.

  We spent a good portion of the morning wandering through the zoo before lunch at the Model Boathouse in Central Park. It was a real sex and the city moment, people watching and drinking coffee. I was tempted to hire a little model boat to drive round but then I watched this guy completely ruin his and I decided it was too risky given my lack of model boat driving experience. 
The other highlight of today was the American Museum of Natural History. There is so much to see here and I could have spent a few days exploring just the evolution of humans section let alone the rest of the place.

We must have spent a solid few hours the but to be honest, time is a bit meaningless in New York. You just do what you want to do until you are sick of doing it it. 

As the whole day was Central Park themed, we walked back through strawberry fields which is the memorial dedicated to John Lennon. 

Everyone was singing beetles music and chilling which was nice, so we did the same. Eventually it was the lure of the Hershy’s shop that pulled me out of the sunshine and back into the city.

I displayed an excellent level of self control, purchasing only one king size Reece’s pieces peanut butter cup bar to share with Kristy. As many of you know, this kind of restraint when it comes to food is almost unprecedented for me. 

CENTRAL PARK: jumping to make dure everyone else in the park knows about my tourist status.

First bite of the big apple

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 Arrived in New York after nearly 30 hours of travelling. Hadn’t showered, changed my shirt or brushed my hair. It was unfortunate we were unable to check in at 10am when we rocked up in the hotel lobby but I took comfort in the fact there are heaps of people in this city who look and smell  worse than me.

Not wanting to waste a whole day, we started wandering in the direction of Starbucks for coffee. Nek minnit… Find ourselves at the top of the Empire State Building. 


HIGH: 86 floors up, gazing downtown towards the Statue of Liberty.

We had been told to expect huge lines and to pre book tickets because otherwise we would spend all day in lines, buuuuut not only was there no ticket line, there was also only a 15 minute wait to head up top. You go through this long winded explanation of the building’s heating system and how it was built but we skipped that in our eagerness to reach the view. I can say with certainty, the building was warm and the sights were amazing.

My travel bud Kristy may be the only person in the world who appreciates books as much as I do. So it seemed fitting that in our zombie-like states, we took refuge in the New York State Library. Wandering through places where the great thinkers of our time have also wandered always gives me comfort. No matter where you are in the world people always value knowledge. I love that the more knowledge I seem to aquire, the more questions I have about the wold. It’s easy to see how academics become consumed in their studies.

The New York State Library houses a lot of amazing work, but it is also a magnificent building I could spend all week in and still feel like I hadn’t seen at all.

THINKING: I wish i could say I was thinking great, life changing thoughts but actually , I was eyeing off the pretzel cart across the road wondering if I should get one for lunch or stick with my salad wrap.

Fast forward through an emergency stop at Forever 21 for new tights, a nap and a quick supermarket trip, we hit the Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square for dinner. I am definitely in a New York State of mind.