Aloha Hawaii


If I had been starting to feel any end of adventure blues, it was soon stamped out of me when I stepped off the plane in Hawaii into 30 degree sunshine and air that was wet to breathe. 

By the time I saw the hotel room at the Modern Honolulu, I was basically starting a whole new type of holiday. One that involved long and lazy days by the pool drinking pina coladas and playing candy crush saga. 

Uninspired to do much other than bask in this lifestyle for a while, Kristy and I headed strait to the supermarket for nibbles and tequila ($20 a bottle unfortunately for my liver)before sitting by the room window overlooking the ocean and debriefing all the things we had done in the past month. 

Here we stayed until the nibbles had been polished off when we migrated to the pool to finish off the first afternoon in Hawaii. 

Sometimes I second guess my life choices, especially when I am travelling and become removed from my everday situations. Here is a snap of me not questioning the choice to order a frozen lime and coconut mojito.


Sydney to the Middle of Nowhere

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Floating along the big blue seas aboard the pacific pearl. Fuck a pirates life. It’s a floating hotel life for me. A million bars to choose from, 2 pools, shops, restaurants and Donny, our hard working cabin steward who I may kidnap and take home. Anyone who leaves me towel elephants and chocolate can stay.

If anyone needs me in the next 12 days... I'll be here. Come find me. Or don't.

If anyone needs me in the next 12 days… I’ll be here. Come find me. Or don’t.

I was also excited to find out we had a gym! I looked into this right after our first meal at the buffet. Turns out everyone else on the ship did too, because it was packed, sweaty and heavily rocking from side to side. Just the way I like it. My gym, obviously.

We sailed off around 4pm yesterday afternoon from Sydney, since which time I have been alternating between the adults only Oasis bar, and the dining room. Sipping mojitos under the Sydney Harbour Bridge seemed like the only proper way to start a 12 day cruise through the South Pacific.

Cya Sydney!

Cya Sydney!

It has been a slightly bumpy ride thus far. By this, I mean you are taking your life into your own hands if you choose to walk down the corridor. Probably didn’t help that I was 3-4 cocktails down as I was doing this. Who’s counting. I’m on holiday!

Oh look at us. Such a bunch of pirates. Actually, we can be anything you want us to be after a few cocktails.

Oh look at us. Such a bunch of sexy pirates. Actually, we can be anything you want us to be after a few cocktails.

We went to see a show on the ship, designed to introduce passengers to the performers that will be entertaining us for 12 evenings in a row. It was alright, but I found that at the adults only comedy show, the “comedian” thought it was okay to spend his entire hour on making fart noises. Congratulations? You can imitate a fart. I don’t care, bring me another drink immediately.