Manoa Falls, Hawaii


CLASSIC: because when there is a skinny waterfall, you take this photo.

It was a spur of the moment decision to visit this magnificent place. 

The logic was basically “I’ve spent a day relaxing and I’m bored now”.

So I did zero research other than glance at trip advisor to ensure participants of the hike had come out alive, then rang up and booked a spot on the next available trip.

That might not seem well thought out but sometimes when time is short and the stakes are low, you just need to make a call.

It turned out to be one of the nicest days in Hawaii. Particularly exciting, is the fact they filmed bits of Jurassic Park there. Naturally I spent a large portion of the hike conjuring up dinosaur scenes in my head, hiding in trees, pretending they were chasing me etc.

It’s not a difficult hike to the falls. You definitely do not need to take a guided tour here. In saying that, our guide was great. She taught us about the plants and gave us a history of Hawaii. Their history is amazing.  There’s no poisonous plants or animals here because the islands have never needed to defend themselves! Biology and evolution are mind blowing. 

She also told us about how the water in the falls is currently carrying some sort of deadly bacteria so you’re not supposed to swim in it. There are signs but there were still a bunch of people swimming. I was tempted until one girl got out with a cut and our guide told her to see a doctor immediately because there was a good chance the deadly flesh eating (I didn’t confirm it was flesh eating but it probably was) bacteria would make her very ill. 

There’s just something special about hiking in a Hawaiian rainforest. It’s 30 degrees, all humidity. A time for skimpy tops and care free surf hair. 

On the way back to base I made sure I took a minute to really soak up the moment. To commit all the little details to memory.